Residential and Commercial Septic Tank Pumping

Pumping and Waste Removal for Western NY

septic tank pumping

Septic Tank Pumping Services

Pumping and Waste Removal for Western New York
Whether you are a commercial customer with large tanks, pump stations, and perhaps multiple locations, or you are a residential customer with a small residential system, Zuech’s can serve you. Most of our residential tank pumps can be scheduled within 1-3 days of your phone call, depending on the season. The normal assumption is that the customer will have the lids on the septic tank exposed and ready to be popped off when our service team member arrives.

For those who are unable to properly access their tank lids for pumping, Zuech’s does offer a “Dig & Pump” service for an additional fee. The use of a mini excavator allows us to get into awkward and/ or small spaces, and leaves little evidence of our work, once completed. We highly recommend in this case, that you install septic “risers” for ease of future pumping. We sell Tuf-Tite resin risers in two different diameter sizes that will accommodate the access hole on the top of your tank. They will “rise” the height of your lid by 6” increments, bringing it closer to the surface (or above and topped with a matching Tuf-Tite lid if preferred) for almost dig- free future pumping.

Zuech’s highly recommends pumping your septic system on a regular basis for the best functionality and longevity of your system. As an additional service, we will send you a reminder card every three years to keep you on track!

You can rest assured that we will always provide you with professional, knowledgeable service, no matter the size, nature, or condition of your system.

To schedule an appointment for septic tank pumping or septic tank installation or in
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Septic Tank Risers

Septic tank risers are available and are a popular option for those who want them. Risers bring the lid of your septic tank up closer to the ground surface, making exposing them for pumping, a much easier and less labor intensive process. Please ask the driver for details on sizing and pricing for your particular septic tank. Our trucks are generally stocked with the popular sizes.

Grease Trap Pumping

Whether you are a small mom and pop shop, or a commercial customer with a chain of stores or restaurants, Zuech’s can service your restaurant, school, or store’s indoor grease traps and/or outside grease tanks.

Many of our customers benefit greatly from being on a regular schedule for this important maintenance. We schedule at your requested frequency and give you a reminder call a few days prior to coming. The hassle of remembering is taken off your calendar and put on ours!

Commercial and Municipal Pumping and Hauling

Zuech’s trio of tri-axle tank trucks can handle as much septic as you have, whether you are a mobile home park, correctional facility, school, camp or small village without municipal sewer. Please call us today for a quote.

Are you a municipal wastewater treatment plant? We would be happy to give you a quote for sludge hauling.

Campers, RVs and Private Portables

Zuech’s is also able to service your camper, RV, private portable or homemade outhouse (assuming it has a tank) at your camp or residence. Call us for pricing and scheduling!

Our family owned and operated company takes a great deal of pride in our performance and reputation.
We would love to serve you!

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